Re: [i] XPointer and addressing in OHP-Nav

From: Jacco van Ossenbruggen (
Date: Tue 21 Jul 1998 - 11:15:26 CDT

I think I largely agree with Petes previous mail. I'd like to add two other distinctions:

  1. Should XLink/XPointer affect the work on OHP-Nav?

My anwser is "not at all!" as long as we make sure that we can, at least in theory, develop wrappers and/or special locspecs to make OHP-Nav interoperable with the XML stuff. This means that OHP-Nav must provide concepts that abstract from XLink/Xpointer in a way that makes sure we can be interoperable with XML related standards without becoming dependend on them. An actual implementation of the wrappers would result in another neat demo for OHP-Nav and could, as an added bonus, provide a good testbed for XLink/XPointer, which brings me to the next point:

2) Should the work on OHP-Nav affect XLink/XPointer?

If we think there is something wrong with the current drafts, my answer is "yes!". And as Lloyd already pointed out, _this_ is the time to do it:


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