Re: [i] XPointer and addressing in OHP-Nav

From: Lloyd Rutledge (
Date: Tue 21 Jul 1998 - 10:06:37 CDT

On Tue, Jul 21 1998 Peter Nuernberg wrote:
> - Is XPointer a good candidate for a LocSpec type?
> - Do we (as a group) have input to the XPointer spec?
> (I think these are orthogoinal, although clearly "yes" to the first
> probably makes the answer to the second more important).

If XPointer answers our needs with the exception that it can't point to non-XML data, then the answer to the first question would be "yes", provided that its current design can be adapted or extended to point to non-XML data -- which would, as Pete says, lead to the second question.

The second question we can test by sending something along the lines of a position statement to Steve DeRose and seeing how he responds. XPointer is still, technically, early in its development and subject to change. Didn't we discuss writing such a statement for the XPointer people in Pittsburgh? From what this statement's influence is we can infer what our influence in the XLink group would be. The statement could include (briefly)

This would let Steven know that we've defined and thought about our problem, we've been serious enough to implement a solution, we've been following and considering XML for a while, and that we're serious about involving ourselves with XPointer if we'd have enough of a voice to have the concerns address that we'd need addressed. His response will provide the answer to question number two.

_(fwd link)_So if the answer to question number one is "Yes, but ...", and assuming the group is interested enough, could someone intimately familiar with OHP-Nav write a draft for such a statement. I'd be glad to work and tailor it for that piece of HyTime that still beats in Steve's heart (even if HyTime beats nowhere else), and also tailor it as best I can for the XML-ers.


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