Re: [i] XPointer and addressing in OHP-Nav

From: Peter Nuernberg (
Date: Tue 21 Jul 1998 - 05:44:26 CDT

Hi Jacco, Sigi, others-

   In reference to the current discussion on XPointer, from my perspective, it may be fine to incorporate XPointer as another LocSpec type, just like any other LocSpec type (DataLoc, NameLoc, etc.)

_(fwd link)_   However, we should be careful about statements like this:

> I think the interoperability with the Web is the key issue here. We
> should not worry about the fact that XPointer is only applicable to
> XML and HTML...

   I would say that _openness_ is the key issue here, since we are the open hypermedia systems group, and not the WWW improvement community or W3C standards implementers association or some other such thing. It is in principle bad to use non-open standards in an open system. So, maybe we can support XPointer as a type of LocSpec, or maybe better we should use LocSpecs between the server and the wrapper and just build smart wrappers for WWW tools that translate between open LocSpecs and closed XPointer specs.


Peter J. Nuernberg
Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Denmark

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