Performatives for OHP

From: Dave Millard (
Date: Wed 15 Jul 1998 - 13:19:58 CDT

Hello All,

        Sigi and I have been looking very seriously at the advantages of allowing OHP to express _how_ things are being communicated as well as _what_ is being communicated. This has ended up with us dividing the current OHP-Nav definition into the OHP-Nav operations on top of a generic OHP conversation layer (which will be reused by OHP-Tax etc). This actually involves some fairly minor modifications to the message header.

        This generic layer defines basic conversation primitives (performatives) such as ask, notify, subscribe and is based on a subset of performatives taken from agent communication languages (KQML and ACL).

        This gives us the notification messages we need as well as providing other useful functionality (such as registration). We believe that this small set of performatives is needed in an OHP 1.0 definition and would allow us to extend this number in further versions, independently of the OHP-domain protocols.

        We have produced a web page with further information and some examples of messages that hopefully will explain things more clearly:

        We would appreciate any feedback in particular any input resulting from the discussions about how to support collaboration in OHP, currently occurring with Pete, Uffe and Joerg at GMD.

        Look forward to your comments,

        Dave + Sigi.

Dave Millard (
University of Southampton

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