Re: OHSWG 4.5 meeting in Southampton

From: Kasper Osterbye (
Date: Fri 03 Jul 1998 - 06:06:43 CDT

Wendy wrote:
> Many of you have expressed the concern that the proof of concept demo of
> OHP-nav shown at HT'98 cannot be developed into a successful research
> paper for HT'99. I think I disagree, but the feeling otherwise seems to be
> quite strong.
One way to do this would be to write a survey style paper, which outlines the history, the different approaches taken, the need for a standard, the OHP work, and in particular OHP-nav. And which points out future directions. This stile of papers are not often seen at this conference, but in this particular instance, it makes perfect sense.

> If this is the case, then I would urge that we (or a subset
> of us) develop a technical briefing for HT'99 and try to persuade the PC
> for the conference to accept it as such for the proceedings. Or at least
> give us a slot at the conference to present it (I would prefer it to be in
> the proceedings for wider dissemination). What do others think? We really
> should make the wider community aware of what has been achieved.

A technical briefing is still a fine thing. They have not been around for the last couple of years, but I would think that it is one of the things Uffe and John could be persuaded into.

PS. I too was impressed with the demo. I should like to be able to download the software as I would like to be able to give the demo here as well to try to show it to others.

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