Re: Thanks also to Pete

From: Wendy Hall (
Date: Wed 01 Jul 1998 - 05:48:29 CDT

Well said, Uffe. Can I add my thanks to everyone who worked on this. It was a pretty momentous occasion in Pittsburgh to see the end-result of this collaborative effort - something that everyone involved should be justly proud of. Now all we have to do is persuade the rest of the community ..


>Hi all,
>Pete was seriously "underplaying" his own role in the work
>towards the interoperability demo at HT98 in his previous
>I just wish to thank Pete for his major role in the demo.
>Pete went to Southampton and hosted Dave Millard in Aarhus
>in the busy weeks and months before the demo when many of
>the details and "under-specified" parts of OHP-Nav had
>to be resolved. And he also did a little bit of coding on
>the Construct part of the demo.... :-)
>Uffe Kock Wiil
>Aalborg University Esbjerg, Denmark

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