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Date: Mon 08 Jun 1998 - 04:27:42 CDT

Pete - Well done! I am looking forward to hearing more from Dave.

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_(fwd link)_>Hi all-
> As some of you are aware, there has been a great deal of activity
>recently in several OHS shops with respect to the latest OHP-Nav spec.
>The folks from the Chimera, DHM, HOSS, HyperDisco, and Microcosm labs
>have all been working on getting their systems to interoperate using
> We have some initial successes! Clients from Aarhus (DHM) and
>Southampton (Microcosm) are communicating with the HOSS/HyperDisco
>link server! This is exciting news, demonstrating the viability of
>both the current proposal and the working group (with respect to
>co-operating on generating concrete results).
> We'd like to remind the list subscribers about the OHS 4 workshop
>and the OHP-Nav interoperability demo at HT 98 in Pittsburgh later
>this month. We will be spending part of the workshop talking about
>lessons learned from our initial experiences with the current OHP-Nav
>standard and directions for future development.
> I think our group has reached an important milestone with these
>first interoperability demonstrations. I feel confident we can build
>on this success over the next 6 months both by stabilising and
>polishing the navigational standard and moving into other domains such
>as spatial ht, taxonomic ht, workflow, and other domains.
>Peter J. Nuernberg
>Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Denmark

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