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From: Peter Nuernberg (
Date: Fri 05 Jun 1998 - 18:25:36 CDT

_(fwd link)_Hi all-

   As some of you are aware, there has been a great deal of activity recently in several OHS shops with respect to the latest OHP-Nav spec. The folks from the Chimera, DHM, HOSS, HyperDisco, and Microcosm labs have all been working on getting their systems to interoperate using OHP-Nav.

   We have some initial successes! Clients from Aarhus (DHM) and Southampton (Microcosm) are communicating with the HOSS/HyperDisco link server! This is exciting news, demonstrating the viability of both the current proposal and the working group (with respect to co-operating on generating concrete results).

   We'd like to remind the list subscribers about the OHS 4 workshop and the OHP-Nav interoperability demo at HT 98 in Pittsburgh later this month. We will be spending part of the workshop talking about lessons learned from our initial experiences with the current OHP-Nav standard and directions for future development.

   I think our group has reached an important milestone with these first interoperability demonstrations. I feel confident we can build on this success over the next 6 months both by stabilising and polishing the navigational standard and moving into other domains such as spatial ht, taxonomic ht, workflow, and other domains.


Peter J. Nuernberg
Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University, Denmark

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