Re: 4th Workshop on Open Hypermdia Systems at Hypertext '98

From: Wendy Hall (
Date: Fri 13 Mar 1998 - 07:59:34 CST


>Well, you could just send me your position paper before you leave for
>Australia... :-)
You're a hard man! I leave for Australia on March 31st and have so much to do before I go. I'll see what happens. I'm not writing one myself anyway, I hope to get my ticket for attending the workshops by co-authoring something with Les Carr and maybe Hugh.

>I would like to keep the official deadline as April 17th, since I have
>just announced the workshop in many places and don't like to send new
>announcements this soon after. This could change later as we approach the
>deadline, but not now.
>However, I have in the previous years been quite flexible with the
>deadline. This year will not be an exception. Thus, it should be possible
>for individual people to negotiate an extension with me.

I understand, so take this as the beginning of the negotiation!

>PS. I prefer Jack Daniels - just like Hugh.... :-)

I'll try to remember :-)


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