Re: 4th Workshop on Open Hypermdia Systems at Hypertext '98

From: Wendy Hall (
Date: Thu 12 Mar 1998 - 11:24:45 CST


_(fwd link)_The deadline for the workshop is right in the middle of the Web conference and many of us will be there and taking holidays as part of the trip to Oz!. I know its tight but any chance we could have another couple of weeks?


>Dear OHSWG Member,
>The 4th OHS Workshop will take place in connection with Hypertext '98
>in Pittsburgh (June 20-25). Check out the web site for details
>regarding position paper deadlines, etc.:
>Please consider to submit an interesting position paper that will
>allow you to participate and contribute to the overall success of this
>ongoing event.
>Uffe K. Wiil
>Workshop Organizer

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