OHS 3.5 tech report

From: Peter Nuernberg (pnuern_at_daimi.aau.dk)
Date: Wed 17 Dec 1997 - 11:11:10 CST

Hi all-

   As you know, Uffe and I have been trying to collect the materials various people signed up at the OHS 3.5 meeting to deliver to the group. We intended to post this material to the WWW site this fall and take a "snapshot" of the site this month, which we would then use as the basis for a status report of the group to be published as a technical report from the Danish National Center for IT Research.

   It looks as if Uffe and I will miss our 1997 deadline for publishing the OHS 3.5 technical report. This is a big disappointment to both of us. I've been asked by many people if there is some way for them to catch up or keep up with what we are doing, and it would be helpful to have some reference to which I could point them.

   Perhaps we need to rethink our commitments a bit. I suggest that people who simply do not have the time to maintain a part of the OHSWG WWW site should not sign up to do so, and if they already have, for them to find a replacement. I think everyone in this group (and many others not yet in the group) have much valuable input and I hope that everyone continues to keep an eye on the group's progress and provides their insights and comments. In a very real way, the more people we have watching the process and contributing their comments, the more successful we will be. However, we should probably redistribute the work load a bit to reflect the ability _with respect to available time_ of various people to contribute meaningfully to product.

   With this in mind, let me restate what it is that Uffe and I would like to see happen. We would like people to take a moment to look at the material currently on the site. Please at least browse the whole site to get a feel for what is already out there, what is missing, what its structure is, etc. We have a reasonable amount of good information out there in some format or another as well as a good number of gaps. The good information we have often doesn't really flow well with the other information out there - this isn't anyone's fault. It's been impossible to get any flow because very little information has been present until very recently. Nonetheless, this has now changed, so perhaps it's time for everyone to read the site and make changes to (or submit for the first time) the information they are responsible for. We would like to have everyone submit their work by February 1. Note that the status report Uffe and I will release will be exactly what is on the WWW site. You can get a feel for what this will look like if you follow the link on the home page of the WWW site that says "form suitable for printing".

   To those who have submitted (or planned to), please note that I may have either grabbed materials from your public WWW site or rearranged slightly what you provided. I hope this doesn't cause too much consternation for anyone. If I've violated the meaning of your work through these edits, please inform me and I'll set things straight ASAP.    Thanks very much for everyone's hard work.

-Peter and Uffe

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