Re: Requirements document for the September OHS meeting

From: Andrew Pam (
Date: Tue 10 Jun 1997 - 21:00:08 CDT

Jim Whitehead wrote:
> At 3:17 PM 6/9/97, Kaj Gronbak wrote:
> >I think we need to add at least link creation - not necessarily editing of
> >contents - but creation of external links.
> I too think this would be nice, but I cannot see how you can introduce this
> capability without also introducing some mechanism for preventing lost
> updates. Perhaps if the first version of OHP only allowed the addition of
> new links (but not their removal, or modification) the protocol could have
> link authoring without needing locking. It still requires an
> authentication scheme, but that is probably necessary anyway to prevent
> unauthorized access to a document repository.

Of course, in a Xanadu server (such as the OSMIC server now under development by Ted's students at Keio, for example) links, like documents, always continue to exist in every previous arrangement (at least in terms of addressability, though it may eventually become impossible to actually retrieve a particular version that can still be validly addressed). Lost updates are therefore not possible. If two users make simultaneous modifications to the same content (metadata such as links included), this merely results in alternate versions which can either be disallowed in the client software beforehand or merged later depending on the implementation of version management.


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