OHP: Who do you see using it?

From: Jim Whitehead (ejw_at_ics.uci.edu)
Date: Mon 09 Jun 1997 - 17:14:04 CDT

While we're developing our requirements, we also need to agree on the intended end-users of clients using the protocol. This affects many issues, notably authentication and security.

If the intended audience is the set of Open Hypermedia researchers, then the current decisions concerning authentication ("just pass a small integer which is a user id") and security ("here's a random script, go execute it on your machine") are fine.

If the intended audience is a set of people working in a corporate or university setting, where collaborators are not necessarily behind the same firewall, then more robust authentication (some form of digital signiture) and security requirements (contents hashing, or disallowing the transfer of executables from server to client) need to be met.

_(fwd link)_So, who do you see using OHP clients?

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