[re] Re: Implementations of the OHP protocol?

From: Sigi REICH (sr_at_ecs.soton.ac.uk)
Date: Tue 03 Jun 1997 - 02:51:23 CDT


you asked

>   2) GetAnchorTable: I'm not really sure if I understand how anchor

> tables are supposed to work. I added a "node identifier" (or
> document name) field to the GetAnchorTable message, since it
> seems strange to me that there is not one there. Perhaps I can
> use this opportunity to ask others what they think about this.
> Does this addition seem wrong to people? If this parameter is
> not there, which anchor table does the client retrieve with this
> call? I'd hope not "all anchors", since that seems to be
> nonscalable in the extreme.
... _(fwd link)_In working with the LocSpecs of OHP I had the same problem in that I also thought a document ID (= "node identifier") would be useful (and needed). So I added one to the proposal for 'more' HyTime conforming LocSpecs. Re-reading the original draft of OHP I understand that the "GetAnchorTable" message is preceded by a "HeresDocument" or "LaunchDocument", respectively. The message then applies to the 'current', i.e. active, document (assuming that there is
just one active document per viewer / application). This would also mean that the
linkservice is stateful in that it remembers its sessions and the according documents.
Anyway, it might make sense to get the anchor table for an other document; or there might be more than one 'active' document per viewer.


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