Re: Working Group Meeting summary

From: Uffe Kock Wiil (
Date: Mon 05 May 1997 - 12:31:44 CDT

I am sending this message to both the OHS LIST out of Texas A&M Univ. and to the list of the participants of the 3rd OHS Workshop. There is a fairly large overlap between these two lists, but hopefully I have managed to send the email exactly once to the union of these lists... :-)

For those of you that are not on the OHS LIST, this is a good opportunity to subscribe - see specific details at

As Ken wrote in his summary of the OHS Working Group planning meeting at Hypertext '97 (posted on the OHS LIST), Kaj and I agreed to organize the next Working Group meeting at Aarhus University (Sep. 8-11, 1997). As Ken also mentioned, the purpose of the meeting is to advance the state of the OHP specification into a first working version.

As the Chair of the OHS Working Group, I hope to be able to convince people to get as much done as possible before the meeting. There are different ways each of you can contribute to the OHP and different levels of participation in the process. For example:

No matter what category you belong to, the OHS LIST is the perfect place to post your results and contributions to the OHP. It is much easier to get your suggestions incorporated in the OHP, if you provide your contributions before the meeting rather than at some point later in time.



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