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Date: Tue 22 Apr 1997 - 13:22:47 CDT

Thanks Ken. I'm glad the meeting went ahead as planned and that the next meeting of the working group is planned. I was assuming I wouldn't attend this meeting (I always leave the hardwork to Hugh!) but looking at the dates there's no decision to make because I'll be on holiday in Greece at the time. So I'll think of you all slogging over the protocols as I sit on the beach ..


>I just wanted to say that I had a lot of fun at the recent OHS
>workshop in Southampton.
>I took notes during our planning meeting for the next Working Group
>meeting. Here are the details (to be captured by the Hypermail
>The next Working Group meeting will be held at Aarhus University in
>Denmark. The time of the meeting will be September 8-11, 1997. I
>assume that a formal call for participation and other details will be
>circulated on this list at a later date.
>The purpose of the meeting will be to work on the Open Hypermedia
>Protocol. In particular, it is hoped that before this meeting, several
>systems will have performed experiements with the protocol and that
>Hugh Davis will have a new draft of the protocol incorporating the
>changes discussed at the recent workshop. The goal of the meeting will
>be to then further revise the protocol in light of the experiements
>and OHS scenarios.
>At the planning meeting, it was decided to adopt the IETF style of
>producing a protocol spec, in which one person is designated an editor
>for the protocol document and one persion is designated as chair of
>the working group. The editor's job is to ensure that a protocol
>document is generated which contains the "rough consensus" of the
>working group with respect to the protocol. The Chair's job is to
>ensure that the editor produces a document in a timely manner and to
>guide discussions by the community regarding issues of the protocol.
>We decided to have two editors for our document. One editor is in
>charge of the protocol spec, while the other is in charge of the
>requirements for the protocol. The following people were elected into
>these positions:
>Chair : Uffe K. Wiil
>Editor (Protocol): Hugh Davis
>Editor (Req.) : Randy Trigg
>To further clarify, Randy has volunteered to be a collection point for
>protocol requirements and to see that they get into the
>document. However, he has not volunteered to edit the text that people
>send to him. Thus, if you have a requirement that you think should be
>considered for the protocol, be sure to send Randy a complete write-up
>of the requirement for inclusion in the document. Randy may do small
>edits but he will not do massive rewriting.
>One additional assignment is for members of the community to develop
>critique's of the current OHP similar to my position paper at the
>workshop. I would assume that this mailing list would be the best
>place to send these critiques (so that they are captured by the
>HyperArchive of this mailing list). However, this is just my guess. It
>might be better to send the critiques directly to Hugh Davis and then
>provide a URL or other pointer to the critique for interested OHS
>I will be sending a further detailed statement of my position with
>respect to the OHP's service list sometime in the near future.
>P.S. The people attending the Working Group planning meeting were:
>Ken Anderson
>Hugh Davis
>Steve Dossick
>Stuart Goose
>Kaj Gronbaek
>Jorg Haake
>Peter Nuernberg
>Kasper Osterbye
>Andrew Pam
>Antoine Rizk
>Lloyd Rutledge
>Randy Trigg
>Jim Whitehead
>Uffe K. Wiil

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