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Date: Tue 18 Mar 1997 - 10:49:37 CST


The Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Science, University of Aarhus, Denmark, invites applications for a 5-year chair in distributed systems and applications, to be filled as soon as possible.

The area of research of the professorship is distributed systems and their applications in distributed organizations. Examples of research topics include implementation technology, design of interaction, support for cooperative work, and human-computer interfaces. Applicants should be able to document scientific qualifications at the professorial level in the indicated research area.

The Danske Bank professorship is funded by Den Danske Bank (the largest bank in Denmark). The position carries duties of research, also supervision and lecturing at the Department of Computer Science, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. The Danske Bank Professor can only be given administrative duties by special arrangement, apart from those duties arising normally in connection with teaching and research. It is expected that the Danske Bank Professor will agree to lecture at Den Danske Bank, to a limited extent.

The professorship includes normal funding for travel and incidental expenses. Furthermore, Den Danske Bank may grant funds for other expenses up to DKK 150,000 p.a.

Applications should include a curriculum vitae giving evidence on which the evaluation of the applicant's scientific and teaching qualifications can be based, a complete list of publications, together with 3 copies of each of those publications which the applicant selects as the most relevant for the application. Other supportive material should also be submitted in 3 copies; also a description of scientific accomplishments, future research plans, participation in research programmes and scientific leadership should be enclosed.

The selection committee may include further material from the list of publications in its evaluation of the applicant. In that case, the applicant is required, upon request, to submit the material to the selection committee.

The selection committee's written evaluation of the applicants will be sent in full to all applicants.

Applications should be addressed to: The Faculty of Science, University of Aarhus, Ny Munkegade, Building 521, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark, and marked 211/5 - 15. The deadline for the receipt of all application material is 1st August, 1997, at twelve noon.

For further information on salary, research and teaching duties, staff and other facilities, please contact:

  The Department Chairman, Professor Peter D. Mosses,   Phone +45 8942 3364. E-mail:

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