ODMA specification

From: Jim Whitehead (ejw_at_ics.uci.edu)
Date: Tue 04 Feb 1997 - 16:50:26 CST

As it happens, the Document Management community (represented by the industry group Association for Information and Image Management International, AIIM [1]) has faced in the past a similar problem to the one the Open Hypermedia community is trying to address now with the OHP protocol: how to make a standard interface that client applications can use to communicate with a back-end. For the document management community, the back-end is a document management system (DMS)., while for the open hypermedia community, it is an open hypermedia system.

The document management community developed a standard API, known as the Open Document Management API (ODMA, [2]) which provides a standard interface for client applications to access the capabilities of a document management system. While the current revision of ODMA is somewhat Windows-specific, it is currently widely fielded, and has achieved its objectives. As a result, I feel it is definitely worth taking a serious look at it to see if some of their ideas and approaches can be borrowed in the OHP effort.

The success of the ODMA effort begat another effort aimed at developing a more robust, full-featured interoperability specification, called the DMA 1.0 specification [3]. A classic example of a second-system effect (it is several orders of magnitude larger than the ODMA spec.), it too is available for examination. The DMA 1.0 effort is currently active -- the referenced URL is for a specification which is currently being voted on by DMA participating companies.

[1] http://www.aiim.org/
[2] http://www.aiim.org/aiim/odma/odma15.htm
[3] http://www.aiim.org/dma/vote1.0/

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