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Just got this mail message from Ted Nelson desribing the contents of a workshop he's giving (presumably in Japan). The contents might be of relevance to us?

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>Workshop in New Hyperstructure
>This workshop will address the issues of simple and general structure for
>tomorrow's interactive media. World Wide Web, Lotus Notes, HyperCard,
>MacroMind Director, Microcosm, HyperWave, and other systems are
>incompatible structurally. The politics of standardization and complexity
>of today's systems demand a simpler approach.
>We will work with the proposed OSMIC standard (Open Standard for Media
>InterConnection), a highly generalized system for connecting all media and
>providing interchange among other compound formats. OSMIC uses stream
>linking, full net names addressing for archiving and publication, and
>hypertime overview for file and workgroup synchronization. OSMIC is not an
>object system but a data structure system, allowing deep access to all
>parts of the materials, deep linking and deep tracking.
>We will study and experiment in hypermedia forms which are exchangeable (a
>possible standard for uniting and archiving these different systems),
>pluralistic (allowing all parties to make links of the same power which are
>visible from both ends); and stable (maintaining connections while
>We will endeavor to design compatible mini-apps, publishing forms and
>visualizations using this structure.
>Week 1.
>We will study the OSMIC model and its predecessors, the Xanadu designs of
>1960-88, to understand the intention and generality of the system. OSMIC
>connection model: links, transclusions.
>Week 2.
>OSMIC OPERATIONS: text edit operations: link making, link following, link
>editing, transclusion discovery, transclusion following.
>Hypertime operations defined for text. Hypertime storage of edit operations.
>Week 3.
>SPECIFICATIONS OF OSMIC: Integer algorithms, Perl script, mountable file
>system. The parallel extensions of SGML and HTML for OSMIC compliance.
>OPERATIONAL IMPLEMENTATION: Graph of useful subgoals.
>Week 4.
>Student presentations of industrial alternatives to OSMIC, including
>OpenDoc, OLE, NetObjects, and QuickTime structures.
>Week 5.
>Study of a possible sample OSMIC application: a generalized email system
>with user-definable visualizations and operations. Generalized linking and
>transclusion for email reading and archiving, easy email history
>Week 6.
>USER INTERFACE ISSUES: parallel-view text operations, complex comparison
>Week 7.
>INTERNAL INTERFACE ISSUES: technical interface as the REAL definition of
>the system. Interface specifications (calls) for interoperability among
>different implementations. Exchange formats as objects and data handles.
>Adapters from and to various software formats.
>Week 8. MORE DIFFICULT ISSUES: Structure maps (specification and internal
>forms), hypertime editing of links, resolution among overlapping versions.
>Week 9. Special topics, student presentations.
>Week 10. Special topics, student presentations.
>Week 11. Special topics, student presentations.
>Week 12. Special topics, student presentations.

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