3rd Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems at Hypertext '97

From: Uffe Kock Wiil (kock_at_cs.auc.dk)
Date: Wed 11 Dec 1996 - 08:59:00 CST

Dear OHS Working Group Member,

The 3rd Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems will be held in connection with the upcoming Hypertext '97 Conference in Southampton, England (April 6-11, 1997). The workshop dates will be April 6 and 7.

I hope that you will seriously consider to submit a position paper and participate in this event. Deadline for position papers is January 31, 1997. Details on the workshop can be found at the workshop home page:


The information on the home page will be updated with the latest news along the way.


Uffe K. Wiil

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