A scenario for comment

From: Peter J. Nuernberg (pnuern)
Date: Mon 11 Nov 1996 - 15:43:20 CST

I would like to announce a new scenario out on the OHS WWW site. It is called "Navigational 1", and can be reached from the OHS home page "http://www.csdl.tamu.edu/ohs/".

This scenario is pretty basic in its goals, but I hope it can serve as a concrete example of what other scenarios might look like. I know of several other scenarios that are being written and should out on the OHS site soon.

Remember that the scenarios should serve two purposes. One is to help the development of the linking protocol by suggesting modifications or improvements. The other is to help define what an open hypermedia system is by collecting examples of what it should be able to do.

Scenarios that are posted on the OHS site are posted there for the purpose of sparking discussion on this list. If you have comments about a scenario, post them here for the community to discuss. If you would like to write a scenario, look at the guidelines on the OHS site for how to do so. If you decide to write a scenario, you can contact me, and I'll place the title on the scenarios page so that we can try to avoid a lot of duplication of effort.

-Peter J. Nuernberg
 Hypermedia Research Laboratory,
 Texas A&M University

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