Intermediate OHS Workshop

From: Hugh Davis (
Date: Thu 18 Jul 1996 - 05:54:03 CDT

Dear all,

Just about to diappear for a few weeks on a sailing boat, and I wanted to get this into your diary before I went.

On Dec 5th/6th the HT97 program committee meets in Southampton.

On Dec 7th/8th (a Saturday/Sunday) I am going to hold a workshop in Southampton to keep work going on the OHS issues raised at HT 96 in Washington.

This workshop will be more in the form of a working group, aimed at furthering the work on protocols and scenarios.

The purpose of doing this on these dates is a. If you were coming to the PC it will not be expensive to stay a couple more days.
b. The Saturday stayover will make many plane tickets cheaper.

There will be no cost for the workshop itself, and I will attempt to organise inexpensive accommodation.


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