OHS member list

From: Peter J. Nuernberg (pnuern_at_bush.cs.tamu.edu)
Date: Wed 24 Apr 1996 - 17:21:36 CDT

> A question of curiosity: Is it possible to get your listserver to tell who
> is on the list at any given time, or could you post the initial participant
> list to the list?

You can ask listproc to generate this list for you by sending a message to "listproc_at_csdl.tamu.edu" with the message body "recipients ohs".

I have done this - here are the results:

SADEMEYE_at_VNET3.VUB.AC.BE                         Serge Demeyer
HAAKE_at_DARMSTADT.GMD.DE                           Joerg Haake
MARC.RITTBERGER_at_UNI-KONSTANZ.DE                  Mark Rittberger
KOCK_at_IESD.AUC.DK                                 Uffe Kock Wiil
KASPER_at_IESD.AUC.DK                               Kasper Osterbye
KGRONBAK_at_DAIMI.AAU.DK                            Kaj Gronbak
WH_at_ECS.SOTON.AC.UK                               Wendy Hall
H.C.DAVIS_at_ECS.SOTON.AC.UK                        Hugh C. Davis
POLTROCK_at_ATC.BOEING.COM                          Steven E. Poltrock
TRIGG_at_PARC.XEROX.COM                             Randall H. Trigg
ANTOINE.RIZK_at_INRIA.FR                            Antoine Rizk
KANDREWS_at_IICM.TU-GRAZ.AC.AT                      Keith Andrews
JBS_at_CS.UNC.EDU                                   John B. Smith
JNOLL_at_GILLIGAN.USC.EDU                           John Noll
ATAI_at_ECE.UCSD.EDU                                Andy Tai
FIELDING_at_ICS.UCI.EDU                             Roy Fielding
TAYLOR_at_ICS.UCI.EDU                               Richard N. Taylor
EJW_at_ICS.UCI.EDU                                  E. James Whitehead
PNUERN_at_CSDL.TAMU.EDU                             Peter J. Nuernberg
LEGGETT_at_CSDL.TAMU.EDU                            John J. Leggett


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