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From: Peter J. Nuernberg (pnuern_at_bush.cs.tamu.edu)
Date: Wed 24 Apr 1996 - 14:35:24 CDT

_(fwd link)_Welcome to the Open Hypermedia Systems (OHS) mailing list!

   This message contains a description of the OHS working group - our goals and the resources we have set up to pursue them - as well as instructions on how to subscribe or unsubscribe from this list.


   In March of this year, immediately prior to the ACM Hypertext 96 conference, the 2nd Open Hypermedia Systems Workshop was held in Washington, DC. At this meeting, we decided to form a working group to address two issues: defining "open hypermedia systems" and defining "open link services".

   To address the first of these issues, we decided to construct a set of scenarios, in which people trying to solve a concrete problem want certain functionality from their open hypermedia system. If a set of such scenarios can be constructed, we can define open hypermedia systems as those systems that provide the functionality described in the scenarios. The scenarios should also contribute to our community in other ways. We may be able to build a common terminology, or at least feel comfortable in "translating" between terminologies. Also, the scenarios should help us in determining the various strengths and weaknesses of various approaches.

   To address the second of these issues, we decided to continue the work on the Open Hypermedia Protocol, thereby formally defining the responsibilities of applications and link servers. The first version of this specification was presented at the workshop. It provided the idea of "levels" of functionality to which applications and link servers could subscribe. At run-time, these processes could negotiate the level of the protocol they wish to use (and can both support). The most basic levels of this protocol have been laid out. Further work in this area will concentrate on refining these low levels and proposing new, higher levels of functionality.

   The third decision made at this workshop concerning this group was that the work on these two issues should be pursued together. Development of the scenarios should inform the protocol work, ensuring that only functionality that is really needed is included, and conversely that no critical functionality is left out. It may be the case that the scenarios submitted can be organized into a tree or graph, and that the layering of the protocol functionality can mirror to some degree this organization.

   By being on this list, you are part of this working group. We hope that you will contribute to our work by submitting a scenario, discussing on this list those scenarios posted to the WWW site (address below), suggesting useful protocol functionality, or in general helping us achieve the above goals.


   We have a WWW site set up describing the group and containing items relevant to our work. This includes finished scenarios, current (and past) versions of the protocol paper, and (eventually) Hypermail'd versions of the archives of this list.

   This mailing list, "ohs_at_csdl.tamu.edu", is intended to give the members of the working group a forum for discussion about our work.


   If you received this mail directly, you are currently subscribed to this list.

   If you would like to unsubscribe from this list, send a message to the address "listproc_at_csdl.tamu.edu" with a message body of "unsub ohs".

   If you would like to subscribe again later, or if you have a colleague who would like to subscribe, send a message to the address "listproc_at_csdl.tamu.edu" with a message body of "sub ohs <your_name>". You should receive a confirmation from the listproc on csdl.tamu.edu.


   If you have any problems or questions about the list, direct them to "pnuern_at_csdl.tamu.edu". We look forward to a productive year from this group!

-Hugh C. Davis

 University of Southampton, UK

-Joerg Haake

 GMD-IPSI, Germany

-Peter J. Nuernberg

 Texas A&M University, USA

-Antoine Rizk

 Euroclid, France

-Uffe Kock Wiil

 Aalborg University, Denmark

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