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Have you ever stopped to consider who you are, and why that is? Consider for a moment what defines your innermost being. What's at the root of your motivations? What about your zest for life, or lack thereof? Have you ever been or even felt truly independent? Maybe you've branched off and made a "name" for yourself? Are you a self-made person?



Each and every one of us is an agent of recombination unto ourselves. The light in a baby's eyes, capturing and delighting in the colors, shapes, and sounds of his or her world gives us a glimpse into this reality. You can try to escape from your past, or take delight in it. You can move to the other end of the world, change your accent, and create a new "role" for yourself. To use the computer scientist's argot, these are nevertheless additive (or possibly attenuating) operations... "Where are you from," will always be there, always be asked, always lie underneath the eternal "who am I?"



"No man is an island" could not be a more truthful representation of our dependence on one another. Our spiritual and cultural subsistence relies on our individual pasts, our childhood experiences, our notion of the idea of "home." We all represent a personal heritage, a culture; this has always been the case, and will continue to be for as
long as life, as long as human existence. How fragile, unique, different, impoverished, or blessed, rich, poor, or indebted we think we are... beauty is subjective, your roots aren't. Man doesn't create but copies and uses what's already defined.



Team Members: Pratik Dave, Tolga Ciftci, Michelle Chang

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