You find them in every rural gas station: dime packets of Twang, right there by the register. They are irresistible. The graphics. The whole idea. A 1 gram package of flavored salt.

What do people do with 1 gram of pickle-flavored salt? The guy behind the counter told us they put it in their beer. That kids eat it straight from the package. That would explain the new offering from TWANG Inc.:

I was so puzzled by Twang that I wrote a letter to TWANG Inc., and the head of the company called me one evening from San Antonio. It wasn't at all what I expected (What do we expect when we write letters to strangers?). Twang is modeled after a product available throughout the deserts of northern Mexico. The man I spoke to said Twang was just a start, that he had big plans to introduce and manufacture Mexican products to the North American market. I felt flip, and a little foolish with all my letters and my questions.

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