The Entrepreneurial Spirit Eats Worms

Not every entrepreneur in California espies his or her fortune in the nooks and crannies of the Web. Some look deep into the recesses of our history as a species for their inspiration.

Didn't we make a go of eating grubs once upon a time?

Take a look at this: LARVETS. They're sold in convenience stores and truck stops. From Bakersfield to Kingman, from Fortuna to Fontana. A scant palmful of larvae. Enough to still your appetite for invertebrates for awhile, at least until you get to the next rotting log.

You've seen these maroon packets: they're right next to the tequila-flavored suckers with a solitary pupate relative (imprisoned like a beetle in amber). Dave's brother-in-law has made a nice fortune this way. No Web page, no slick graphics, just salted and spiced Worm Snax in three comfortable flavors.

Don't you wish you'd thought of it?

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