The Strip Joint on the Edge of Town

The Silk Stocking is the strip joint on the edge of town, just beyond where Rock Prairie meets the Highway 6 Bypass. As you can see, the building is faded-blue metal pre-fab, as so many buildings are around here. Much of the time, the parking lot is deserted and the place has a forlorn, hangdog look to it.

Sins uncommitted.

Lust unprovoked.

But Friday and Saturday night, the place perks right up. The lot fills up with vehicles of every description: men out for a night on the town, ready for some exotic dancing.

I've never been in there, but I did hear Arie teasing Matt about the dancer who came by the coffee shop (EUGENE'S) late at night -- well after closing -- and tried to sit in his lap.

"She likes you, man" is what he said.

She was squawking like a chicken, and doing a chicken dance. They were all drinking wine. I guess she was used to it: bored, blase faces watching her dance. Was she saying "YOU ARE ALL CHICKEN. YES. CHICKEN!"? Was she drunk and indelicate? Was she a Poultry Science major gone bad?

We need more performance art in this town.

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