Today's Smile

The Bryan/College Station Eagle is our local paper. Subscribe long enough and you'll see everyone you know flash by -- in color -- on the front page. It's nice to be able to spill coffee on a familiar face in the morning.

Much of the paper is just what you'd expect from a small town newspaper -- adequate coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial, a focus on true crime ("Mom Drowns Toddler" or "Child Molester Begs Court for Castration") and ailing celebrities, a misregistered weather map, and stories about big events in town (like the recent go-ahead for Sanderson Farms to open a chicken packing plant). But what I like the best is "Today's Smile". I've torn one out for you to see.

Today's Smile is smack dab in the lower left corner of the front page, right below the maroon "Good Morning!" It's where the fair citizenry of the Bryan/College Station area are allowed to experience the irresistible allure of fame.

And why are you smiling today?

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