Public Apology to Geoff Nunberg

You lift someone's line, you apologize. A deliberate misquote requires a more deliberate apology. The line I'm misquoting is Geoff Nunberg's:

"...reading Proust in a window is like viewing Normandy through a bombsight."
which appeared in his article, "The Places of Books in the Age of Electronic Reproduction," published in the journal Representations.

The elided "like Proust through a bombsight" conjures up a terrific image, especially if you see Proust himself, madeleines a-crumble on the counterpane, laptop propped open, reading Slate as a tall, pimply convenience store clerk (with an overbite) takes aim.

Incidentally -- and I think this is more important than I'm letting on -- there are no Cliff's Notes available for Remembrance of Things Past. Why not? The set of books is wider than it is tall, and no doubt would not even fit within the confines of a bombsight.

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