There's a story to be told here.

I used to live out in the country, beyond the limits of College Station proper, where big satellite dishes, giant silver propane tanks (like Brobdignagian hot dogs from a distant universe), and Labrador Retrievers are the order of the day. A bucolic setting, where you can hear the gentle low of cows and the muffled report of well-aimed shotguns.

So it surprised me when I learned that my neighbor Jim Bob had a home page (you'll have to scroll down to see him with a large dead animal and his Ruger 270); turns out that he was on a mission to put all of College Station -- and beyond -- onto the Web. What a thought -- full Internet access to College Station. But this one's my favorite: Bremond, Texas, Home of Friendly People & Polish Sausage.

This must've been why I decided to start a Texas Journal.

This story doesn't end here: Not only was ol' Jim Bob an Internet entrepreneur; he turned out to be one of the Internet entrepreneurs who made it big. Life is becoming more and more like Green Acres every day. Where's Arnold?