Gas Station Barbeque

It's got the best barbeque in town, Junek's Chevron Station; it's way out by us, in Wellborn, actually. Barbeque beef sandwiches on a white bun with dill pickles and onions -- the beef's so tender, the bread's so soft, that you barely need to chew. There's Twang by the checkout stand too, if the dill pickle slices aren't enough to satisfy you. The smoky pungence mixes just right with the unleaded fumes.

So it's true: people buy what they most need, what they most care about, in the convenience store at their local filling station. In Germany, the convenience stores carry wine; in California, a big rack of sunglasses; here, there's meat, big meat: dripping sausages (in Hempstead) and gas station barbeque.

Not far down the road from Junek's is THE ICE OF TEXAS sno-cone hut. It was closed all winter long, looking for all the world like a forlorn miniature chalet, abandoned by all its dwarves. But now it's back. Pickle flavored sno-cones, jalepeno too, but I'm partial to watermelon. As you can see, I'm a frequent flyer at THE ICE OF TEXAS.

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