William S. Burroughs's take on the matter.

From a letter from William S. Burroughs to Allen Ginsberg, dated March 11, 1947, New Waverly, Texas (about 50 miles east of College Station):

"It is practically Summer down here, and king size scorpions, Tarantulas, Ticks, chiggers and mosquitos are emerging in droves. I killed 10 scorpions yesterday. The house is overrun with huge rats as big as possums. I shot one who was too fat, and got wedged in his hole, but the survivors are legion and gun shy. I am contemplating the purchase of a ferret."

Forty-nine years later, it's still the same story. March. Summer's setting in. I kill scorpions during a bout of insommnia. Something has bitten me, resulting in a small necrotic patch on my arm.

I too am contemplating the purchase of a ferret.

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