State Capitol

Austin is not far, perhaps 90 miles away. I went there on Wednesday and shot some snaps up the capitol dome. The dome was beautiful from below, a glowing eye. A school of sixth graders milled and darted in the dome's aquarium light. They all wore black t-shirts with the same cute saying on the back, something about hungry pets eating their homework. A man -- a legislator? a legislative aide? a well-dressed homeless person? -- asked me whether I liked the digital camera.

On the way to I-35, Mark gave the finger to a man who wouldn't let me merge into a right turn lane. The man pulled up alongside me later and called me a bitch. "He's the one who flipped you off," I told the angry stranger, but not loud enough for him to hear. It was somehow heartening to be back in a city, being angry in traffic, worried that it could turn ugly, but not too worried to be excited.

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