She emerged from his bedroom wearing his white terry cloth bathrobe.
I was sitting across the pool in cut off jeans.
Trying to concentrate on what I was writing.

She took off the bathrobe,
revealing a tight black nylon bathing suit.
We looked at each other's bodies.
"Good Morning," she said in a slow, elegant voice.
She stretched her long smooth legs out on the patio chair.
A satisfied expression played across her face.
I dangled my feet in the water.

"Hi," I said. My squeaky voice echoed across the pool.
Tess came over and rolled on her side in the sun beside me,
contentedly displaying her chubby stomach.
Grateful for her company, I scratched behind her grey ears.

On the other side of the pool,
Blackie, her oriental heritage showing in her elegant bone structure
and finely shaped face,
was washing herself.
I pretended to write.

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