The bed, covered with an orange and tan bedspread,
dominates my room in the Palo Alto motel
where I'm staying while I work at PARC.
Black vinyl headboard. Reproduction of a painting.
Looks like the San Miguel River in October.
I have the lights turned out.
Yellow words emerging from the black monitor.

Couldn't do this with a Sun workstation.
Those little white windows
don't glow in the dark.

The door to the corner room is open.
Two men and a woman are lounging outside the door
on the balcony, shouting at each other.
She went out with another man, it seems. Not the other man who is there.
I'm pretending to be asleep.

Last night the women who runs the motel
invited me to come down and visit.
"Bring your cat." She has a little white poodle.
The woman in the room below was there, too.
She is working as a receptionist for Manpower.
"Jobs in the Valley are hard to find."

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