By email tonight, Carl says "time for more Rainier Ale..."
Seven or eight years of email correspondence from Carl.
How many of those messages were about Rainier Ale? I wonder.

On the telephone, Michael tells me that he was performing in Florida
at the same time/place as an NAAO conference
so he went out to dinner with a whole bunch of art space directors.
"You _won't_ believe this," (a Michael expression not properly conveyed with written words)
"They sat around the table for most of the evening, I mean _the entire dinner_
swapping stories about Carl -- outrageous things! "

"A kind of success, don't you think." I said. Michael chuckles.

"Yes, more Rainier ale " I reply by return email --
thinking that if there was anyone who could always cheer me up it was Carl --
sitting (in New York this week) by the computer
with the half empty green can beside his right hand.

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