As we passed the hill where a local farmer raises bulls,
Samuel said (out of the blue to me but he usually has his reasons)
"Are there any anthroposophical dentists?"

"Gee I don't know. I think there must be. Why?"

Excited gestures and noises, and then the question was repeated:
"Are there any anthroposophical dentists?"

"All kinds of people are anthroposophical, so I think there must be."

"Are there any anthroposophical dentists?"

Sometimes I can break out of the loop, but it isn't easy.

We took the other way back, sharing cheese puffs from a silver and blue bag.
"Are there anthroposophical psychiatrists?" he asked.

We had just passed the house where I knew a psychiatrist who had something to do with the anthroposophical residence where Samuel lives so this time I knew it was a trick question. Samuel was smiling.

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