In the mountains, working on a community networking project.

Another cold Colorado morning. Woke up feeling funny.
Walked to the stone house, brushed my teeth, spread peanut butter on whole wheat bread, turned on my computer.

Washed down the peanut butter and bread with instant coffee.

Some Email from Carl Loeffler about Rainier Ale and the ShareView system. Replied with some information about Maxx beer and the ShareView system.

Some email from Sonya "same old story. learning gene info."

Read through the postings the WELL Telluride Conference, downloaded them all, sent them to Madeline.

Sat down beside the creek and ate an early lunch. Guacamole and tortillas and beer. Beautiful day. Watched the creek run by. Stuck my feet in the cold water.

Rode into town with Harvey.

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