Cat woke me up early pawing at the tent flaps.
Let her out, causing a huge gust of cold air to enter my sleeping bag.
What the hell. Got up.

Tripped on half empty glass of butter brickle schnapps. ("Enjoy in moderation" or something like that it said on the label. Tasted like butter rum lifesavers. Only thing available in Telluride liquor store for under $3.00) Luckily no butter brickle snaps got on the copy of Howard's Virtual Reality book that I had been reading by Coleman lantern late into the night.

Emptied pee jar.
Walked down to the "Stone House".
Stiff, as usual, from the creekside damp.

The sun was just coming up over mountains.

Harold was asleep on the couch in front of the video monitor with a blanket pulled loosely around him and his calico kitty curled up in his arms.

Made instant coffee. Sat down at my computer.

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