From the windows of The Echo's smoking section,
diners can see the Los Altos creek if there's still some day left.

It was dark when Tom, Mark, and I ordered steaks there.
The creek was dry, so there was nothing to see anyway.
Spotlights outside shone on three baskets of hanging fuchsias, plastic and still.

Inside, the lights shone on pictures of the owner cheek-to-cheek
with Jimmy Durante, Mickey Rooney, and Mitzi Gaynor.

Tom and I watched a couple at another table.
"I bet she's a real estate agent and he's a general contractor," I said.
"I bet they're on their second date."

"Watch them," Tom said. "They're mirroring.
Everything he does, she's doing too."

It was true: They went through a series of identical motions.
Tom and I started to laugh.

After they left, Mark said, "They could hear everything you were saying.
Why are you doing this?"

When we got home he said, "I was embarrassed in there."

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