The last few weeks there's been a steady stream of email
from the mailing list made up of people who (over the last quarter century)
lived in the same Caltech student house as I did.

The discussion has focused on two incidents seventeen years apart.

They refer to the later one as the Fucking In Public Incident
and abbreviate it FIPI in their messages.
Several detailed accounts have been posted to the list.
The mandatory counseling, they all agree, was wrong.

It reminds the older contributors of The Trial.

They had held a mock trial for the Institute psychiatrist in the student house dining room,
a psychodrama in the style of the time. The psychiatrist came to dinner
and against a backdrop of institutional cooking smells,
saw himself tried for crimes against the State of Mind.

A line from the transcript reads: "That's right, they locked me up in a nut house.
A crazy can't even go out on the street these days for fear of what some people might do."
The woman who delivered that line at the trial had a manic smile and dimples that wouldn't quit.

It reminds me too of the white "Psychiatry Kills" van I saw last time I was in Boulder.

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