Camping on the Banks of the Hypermedia Literature: Waiting for (a Hyperliterate) Civilization to Arrive

John J. Leggett
Center for the Study of Digital Libraries, Texas A&M University, USA
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Abstract: After all, our intellectual product is all that endures. What legacy are we leaving for the future? Is this the legacy we wish to leave? Are we making the impact in the world that we thought we could when we started this conference series?

This talk will concentrate on the body of literature produced by the hypertext conference community. I will trace the previous threads of research through the literature and discuss where I see these threads going in the future. It will be like camping on the banks or bluffs overlooking the hypertext conference literature. We will be trying to identify the rudiments of a civilization. Will we find civilization? Or just more camps? Will we find a literate culture? Could we dare hope for a hyperliterate culture?

I will give you my perspective on the above and outline some ideas of things we could do as a community to move towards a more rewarding civilization. Despite the topic of this talk, it will be light-hearted with many fond remembrances and antecdotes!