A hypermedia version control framework

Hicks, D. L., Leggett, J. J., Schnase, J., L., and Nürnberg, P. J. 1998.
ACM Transactions on Information Systems.

Abstract: The areas of application of hypermedia technology, combined with the capabilities that hypermedia provides for manipulating structure, create an environment in which version control is very important. A hypermedia version control framework has been designed to specifically address the version control problem in open hypermedia environments. One of the primary distinctions of the framework is the partitioning of hypermedia version control functionality into intrinsic and application specific categories. The version control framework has been used as a model for the design of version control services for a hyperbase management system that provides completeversion support for both data and structural entities. In addition to serving as a version control model for open hypermedia environments, the framework offers a clarifying and unifying context in which to examine the issues of version control in hypermedia.

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