Hyperform: A hypermedia system development environment

Wiil, Uffe K., Leggett, J. J. 1997.
ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 15(1)(Jan.).

Abstract: Development of hypermedia systems is a complex matter. The current trend toward open, extensible and distributed multiuser hypermedia systems adds additional complexity to the development process. As a means of reducing this complexity, we have seen an increasing interest in hyperbase management systems that allow hypermedia system developers to abstract from the intricacies and complexity of the hyperbase layer and fully attend to application and user interface issues.

Design, development and deployment experiences of a dynamic, open and distributed multiuser hypermedia system development environment called Hyperform is presented. Hyperform is based on the concepts of extensibility, tailorability and rapid prototyping of hypermedia system services. Open, extensible hyperbase management systems permit hypermedia system developers to tailor hypermedia functionality for specific applications and serve as a platform for research. The Hyperform development environment is comprised of multiple instances of four component types: (1) a hyperbase management system server, (2) a tool integrator, (3) editors and (4) participating tools. Hyperform has been deployed in Unix environments and experiments have shown that Hyperform greatly reduces the effort required to provide customized hyperbase management system support for distributed multiuser hypermedia systems.

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