Workspaces: The hyperdisco approach to Internet distribution

Wiil, Uffe K., Leggett, J.J.
Proceedings of Hypertext '97

Abstract: Hypermedia concepts are currently being deployed in a variety of information systems such as the World Wide Web, software development environments, large engineering enterprises, collaborative authoring systems, and digital library systems. The complex requirements of these application areas have resulted in extensive research into hypermedia infrastructures.

The HyperDisco project is about design, development, deployment and assessment of hypermedia infrastructures. Previous HyperDisco experiments have dealt with integration of a small set of tools supporting authoring and extension of the integrated tools to support multiple collaborating users and multiple versions of shared files. These experiments were conducted on a local area network using a single centralized workspace. The latest version of HyperDisco supports collaboration and versioning over multiple workspaces distributed across the Internet. This paper gives a brief overview of HyperDisco, describes the workspace concept and reports on the latest experiments: (1) an experiment that allows the use of multiple workspaces on a local area network, (2) an experiment that allows workspaces to be distributed across the Internet, and (3) an experiment focusing on hypermedia modeling and presentation issues of distributed workspaces.

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