CPSC436/CHI/Spring 2003/Leggett/Metaphor and Icon Lab/25 points
Due date: February 12 at class time

Joe Aggie says the A in A&M stands for Agency and the M stands for Machinery; therefore we should design and use Agent Machinery in Agent-aware Computing Environments.

In Agent-aware computing environments, computing occurs through the delegation of tasks from the user to various agents. Agents are always under user-control and report the outcome of the assigned tasks back to the user.

You are to design a model for an Agent-aware computing environment that contains the following entities:

You should design icons for instances of the three entities. I would like to see at least 3 Critters, 2 Agents, and 1 "entity that provides the UI for controlling Agents and Critters."

Design 64x64 color icons. You may use any icon editor. Deliver your designs in a single web page that contains a description of your metaphor (note: this may require a format conversion).

Turn your lab in by emailing the URL to leggett@cs.tamu.edu