INF W385T/Digital Libraries/Summer 2005/Leggett/Assignments

When are assignments due?
Assignments are due at noon on the due date. This will give us time to review the assignments before class the next day. Assignments can be turned in up to one week late for 2 points, after this time the value goes to zero.

How much should I write?
Be succinct. Get to the point and address it to the best of your ability. Most assignments will take 1 to 2 pages. References to the literature are expected where appropriate.


1. Class homepage   (Due June 9)

2. Planning a Digital Library   (Due June 16)

3. Markup and Metadata   (Due June 23)

4. Interoperability   (Due June 30)

5. Metadata Standards   (Due July 7)

6. Machine or Medium   (Due July 14)

7. Future Scholarship   (Due July 21)

8. Preservation Strategies for Digital Objects   (Due July 28)