LIS 385T.6/RAL/Summer 2002/Leggett/Homework 6/Due August 7

Hamlet on the Holodeck

Choose four of the following questions and write your response to each in no more than a page.

     Argue for or against the variorum as the canonical publishing unit of DLit.

     In what sense does DLit provide a new precision of referencing?

     In what sense is reading a performance? What impact might agency have on this performance?

     Is DLit a technology of replacement?

     Argue for or against the computer as a dehumanizing representational technology.

     Argue the utopian or dystopian views for holonovel and feely technologies.

     In what sense are we experiencing the incunabular period of the narrative computer?

     Give 10 examples of the networked computer assimilating an existing medium.

     Describe the fundamental aspects of the multiform story and its use in DLit.

     How are MOOs and LARPs influencing DLit?

     Argue for or against the need for affective narrative content in computer games.

     In what sense does the computer program the player of computer games?

     Argue for or against the POV that the computer is essentially a spatial device.

     How does the computer function as a liminal object?

     In what sense does narrative provide a virtual reality?

     How can we break the 4th wall convention without losing the liminal trance in DLit?

     Which is more powerful: the willing suspension of disbelief or the active creation of belief?

     Argue for or against the potential of personal animatronic storytellers in the home.

     In what sense does participation lead to immersion?

     Describe current mask techniques for engendering a shared virutal reality.

     What is the danger of a too real virtual reality?

     Why do we need LARP mechanics?

     Examine the LARP GM as the new figure of the author.

     Describe 5 threshold objects.

     Discuss the potential of the labyrinth as a participatory narrative form.

     Discuss reading as the construction of space and time.

     How can the reader become author by anyone's definition?

     In what sense is the computer a mosaic metamedium?

     Discuss narrative as a virtual reality construction kit.

     Discuss the affective power of enactment within an immersive environment.

     In DLit do we run the story or read the story?

     Describe a "reading as writing" expressive narrative genre of DLit.

     Argue for or against the Minsky Meat Machine POV.

     Describe 5 structured media.

     Describe 5 personal digital media.

     Describe 5 structures of new storytelling medias.