LIS 385T.6/RAL/Summer 2002/Leggett/Homework 4/Due July 3

Writing Space

Choose four of the following questions and write your response to each in no more than a page.

     Argue for or against the point of view of technological determinism.

     Is the book still the authority?

     Describe the elements of the contemporary digital writing space that remediates the papyrus roll, the codex, and the printed book.

     Describe writing space as metaphor for mind.

     Reflect upon the social implications of the remediation of print.

     Compare and contrast transparency and hypermediacy.

     Describe the occupation of trailblazer as envisioned by V. Bush.

     Is hypermedia genre or medium?

     Describe and give examples of ekphrasis and reverse ekphrasis.

     Why is it important for the reader to own the space that frames the presentation of the text?

     Will synchronous and asynchronous video displace textual email for most purposes?

     Do we need a Great Book today? Is this possible?

     Is it possible to maintain serendipity in a digital library?

     In what sense does writing turn time into space?

     Is the author's control increased or decreased with hypermedia?

     Is there a problem of closure in hypermedia?

     How does the literary theory of reader-response inform interactive fiction?

     What has been the major contribution to Dlit of the deconstructionists?

     The MOO magnifies the polyvocality of the printed novel. Explain.

     Will the late age of print become the late age of prose itself?